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Hello everybody: Did W8R1 yesterday and things going mostly great. But I am finding my knees are hurting with the longer runs. I know this is a comm n topic of conversation here and i guess I should do a gait analysis. I worry it is just age. My ankles haven’t been great either. I am also doing Pilates and swimming which I think will help too with time but would love any other tips. All the best to all the C25K gang!

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There are knee exercises you could try. I’ve just been doing squats in the hope my mildly sore knees don’t get worse!!

Apparently you need to strengthen your quads!

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GramccGraduate in reply to Seasidepanda

Oh, thank you! Will definitely check that out

Try and do everything to reduce impact and maximise the cushioning effect.

All the basics as advised in the FAQ Posts and the forum info.

GA & shoes.

Slow down

Feet off the ground but gently kissing the ground

No heel strike, but try and maximise the area of your foot that hits the ground

Feet landing under your hips and them under your shoulders

If outside,run on grass or park trails, no hard surfaces will help

No tension in face, shoulders, arms ,hands, just no tension ,

Posture, shoulders down and relaxed , head up, chest open

If you are comfortable in this position, try leaning forward also because that will give you forward momentum and get you almost gently forward kissing the ground gently.

Breathe normally, do not even think about it , just do it, you have other stuff to think about at the start and until you find your rythym and groove.

Examine your daily movement routine and eliminate all point loading on your legs.

No impact stuff on repair days

Knee pain exercises, stretching before and after runs and all exercise, links, communities , RICE, PRICE, even mild medications tablet, creams , sprays, GP recommend , but keep moving ,providing you are not experiencing swelling and very severe pain.

This site has got it all and although not medics, you know yourself if you need to see a sports physio or GP.

I have read on here about gout, arthritis , etc , etc and know personally what regime I practise to keep going.Worst thing I can do is a have a day off.

We all have different needs, I believe you will find the reassurance and gems you need right here on C25k programme and NHS ONE YOU.👍👏👏

You have already received a link that will also help you.👍🌟👏👏

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I found one knee that had been occasionally hurting during downhill walks began to protest a bit after running. I checked the advice on here, and followed it I.e. gait analysis first, which showed that needed supportive trainers, coupled with starting the knee strengthening exercises. Both have helped a lot. I also wear a simple narrow Velcro and nylon strap under my knee for runs. Long distance walkers recommended them to me - cheap online. I think this helps too. (It’s not one of those things that covers the kneecap). Good luck!

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Tbae in reply to Nannalyn53

Good advise.👍Downhill puts the greatest vertical, horizontal and tangential loading forces on your legs simply being on a slope.If you want to maximise the cushioning for a while , avoid this.Even going up has less loading because it is easier to have a more vertical body stance🤔👏👏

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SeasidepandaGraduate in reply to Nannalyn53

Mine hurt most coming downstairs after a run...

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Tbae in reply to Seasidepanda

Use the banister and come down sideways. Do not be too proud🤔Give them a rest and be as gentle with them as you can be.Particularly on a rest day, but also on your runs.Amazingly as per FAQ’s and other, impact slowly strengthens your bones, etc. Be gentle when you run on them also until you build them up.

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CatMo13Graduate in reply to Seasidepanda

I’m exactly the same !

I’ve found these exercises useful after niggles....

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Me too. Started at end of week 7!

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Try the knee exercise linked.... :) they work.

Now.. just relax... and go steadily... the longer runs are made for it... breathe gently.. start slow and stay slow:)

Make sure your rest day exercise is upped to keep the stamina and strength in tune with the new running legs:)

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Knee support, ibuprofen and resting in between has helped me. A sports physio has assured me it’ll go when muscles strengthen. 👍🏽

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GramccGraduate in reply to Tasha99

Thanks so much everybody for your advice!

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