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Good morning

Any advice to ensure my knees do not become painful or damaged whilst running , any recommendations/ techniques that work ?


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Good morning Hideaway3. Well done with your progress on C25k so far 😊.

Have you tried the Japanese Slow Jogging technique? It really helps to reduce the impact of running on your joints and many of us have used it on the program successfully, with several people crediting it with saving them from giving up. I hope it helps and keeps you running 😊🏃‍♀️

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Hideaway3 in reply to Delly-dot


Thanks for the reply and advice / video

Really appreciated

The guide to the plan includes advice on minimising impact, stretching after every run and strengthening exercises, all of which will help.

Good hydration also keeps joints lubricated.

Hi , again thanks for the advice , where do I find the guide on the app ?? I’m drinking water before the run and warming up too but my knees are starting to ache !

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Delly-dotGraduate in reply to Hideaway3

Click the link below. The guide is invaluable.

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Hideaway3 in reply to Delly-dot

Thank you very much Delly

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I used to have very painful knees but I have to say that doing the knee strengthening exercise has virtually eliminated that altogether.

Mind you, if I stop doing them it does come back......

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Hideaway3 in reply to BarbieW

Thanks BarbieW


Great idea thank you

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Good shoes that fit perfectly, insoles if needed. Running slow, do not over stretch your stride. Google knee strengthening exercises and pick the ones that suit you - remember, when stretching, discomfort is good (it gets better) and pain is NOT good, stop straight away. Daily hydration. Daily stretching. Work on the whole body, not just knees. Balanced hips will distribute weight evenly. Hips out of sync will apply more pressure on one knee and, if unlucky, an opposite ankle. You don't want that. Stretch and get stronger. As you get stronger your thighs and shins will offer better support. If you get hurt don't get discouraged, fix it, learn from it and get back better.

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Hi Mrrun

Thanks for the comprehensive reply / advice

Much appreciated


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