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Week 7 Run 2

Yet another 25 min run in the bag. Adn now I must listen to my body - for a while it has been whispering to me " You are going too fast" I hear it but struggle to slow down. I seem to just pick a pace I like and then stay at theat pace until it slows itself down till I finish. Well i did the same again today but I heard the voice plain and clear today. Because today hurt. Yes I managed to run to the end, but I was close to giving up and walking and if it wasnt for another runner who was going at a steady pace (I followed him for a while before a second wind). I am very competitive and want to go further every run. So was disapointed that today was teh first time I didnt my previous distance - missed out by 150 metres, But it came over loud and clkear today that i need to pace myself and build up stamina. As always IU did the first mile ibetween 8:30 and 9 mins and then after that it drops off to 10 to 1030. So I would benefit by doing that first mile in 10 mins or even 11. My brain knows it but my body doesnt. Any not to dwell on it, just one more run till 28 mins running woohoo

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Your pace is a lot quicker than mine. I found this hard aswell tho!

I think I’ve finally managed to work it out and my pace has improved since week one! I graduated on Saturday and then managed 3.8 miles yesterday which I would never have done when I couldn’t maintain my pace.

Good luck with the rest of the programme!

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Well done bertiesugar! I did the same run today - though it wasn't pretty! I have also been trying to improve times but I think that's not what we should be focussing on - in fact, Sarah Millican (my app trainer) said it's not about speed at this stage, but km under the belt.

However, you're quite a bit faster than me, so I expect you're at a different level of fitness.

Anyway, well done and happy running! 🙂


It’s a bit of a problem I think, starting off too quickly - the only time I ever looked properly at my stats in the plan, was when I was failing to do well in the later runs. And what a surprise (well it was to me) - it was all about going too fast at the outset. And I think it is because in your enthusiasm at getting through, you are encouraged to up the pace.

My biggest lesson by far was don’t expect to run further and faster at the same time. As a newbie you end up doing one or the other.

Good luck and happy running


Well done... really try to pace yourself... it is hard I know..( yes I do :)) As these runs get longer, the stamina and strength are so important:)


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