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Practicing for week 7 ;-)

I was feeling really positive about today’s run all morning - but somehow once we got to the afternoon and time to actually get ready to go, procrastination set in! Eventually though I stirred myself and headed off. I don’t like carrying my phone in my hand for the longer runs so picked up my arm band as I went out.

First issue: I’d forgotten that my phone in its usual case is too big to fit in the arm band, so I ended up carrying the empty case anyway. Then after about 7 mins of running, my headphones ran out of juice. Gah. So I stopped briefly to change over to the podcast just playing through my phone very quietly so I could only just hear it.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, then, I never settled into the run properly. In the last 7-8 minutes of running I took two more short walk breaks.

But there are still plenty of positives to take away:

* despite the issues with my phone and headphones I did keep going, even through I was very tempted to turn round and go home!

* I still ran for probably 21 mins in total

* I ran!

And, looking at what RunKeeper tells me about it, I think it seems fairly clear that the reason it felt so difficult is that I was going a bit quicker than usual - despite it feeling slow and heavy! This doesn’t entirely surprise me - it’s what’s been the case for similar runs on the past - so at least there’s an explanation.

Next time, I’ll hopefully manage to slow down slightly again back to my normal speed, and get through the whole thing. :)

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No run is a bad run. You stuck it out, you didn't bail. Tech failures probably made you go faster due to feeling self-conscious.

Bring on the next one👍😊

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Thank you for sharing this 👏👏🌟

It was unfortunate, in your pre preparation.

You have taken all the positives.

It is a training run.

Just chill,and do not go until your ready and completely tension free whatever triggers you use.

Keep your focus on that and just squash these procrastination gremlins.Just no time for them, your too busy with your relaxed preparation and no tension which is our real common enemy.🌟👏👏


Out there and you ran.. well done:)


Sounds like the gremlins were snapping at your heels but you stamped on them! Next run will be a doddle after all the annoying glitches! 😀👍🏃‍♀️

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