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Week 7 Run 1 4.2k!

Excited by the completion of a 25 minute run in week six and curious after reading posts on speed and distance of other posters, I downloaded the Run Tracker app.

Last evening I ran the first of week sevens 25 minute runs at my normal pace except the last 60 seconds when Laura encouraged me to up the pace and was very pleased to see that in that time I had covered 4.2 kilometres! 6 mins per km pace, on track for for 5km in 30 minutes.

I am have stuck exactly to the plan and am so pleased with progress, as seven weeks ago I was out of breath climbing stairs!

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Well done..just keep it steady and slow and enjoy the runs leading to the podium :)


I feel like I am running at the same pace as I was in the early weeks and will heed the ‘slow and steady’ advice!


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