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So I’m feeling pretty miffed off if I’m honest...I haven’t been able to do any running in a little over a week, due to the beast from the east, three day school closures and the daily attempt /fail / repeat effort to get into work ...

Anyhow so it was with both determination and trepidation I set off for my run, I was worried that such a gap would have a negative impact on my stamina etc and 10 minutes in i was sadly proved right . I finished the run ( went on for the warm down as well to punish myself ) but wow , seriously, I really struggled , like week 3 struggled , huffing and puffing and sweating like a good one. I think I need to run frequently in a week 2/3 times to try and mantain what ever level I get upto...just feel frustrated that it wasn’t myself who interrupted my progression but a serious of events out of my control ( I don’t have access to a treadmill but I have subsequently looked at the hotel we have booked for the family summer vacation in June and it has a gym with one so yes ! I’m even thinking of doing it holiday)

Going out again on Thursday , hopefully it will go better ...

Ok, vent over, tea time 👍🏻

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I think Thurs will be better.... but you did it!! Jeez... it wasn't long ago that running for 20 mins seemed a stretch and now look!

Ok so it felt hard but you still did it, you pushed through and completed.

Good on ya! 💪😁


Crap isn’t it when it doesn’t go to your plan. But the upside is that’s a few more kms and minutes in your running bank, for your future running life. The positive out of this is that is one running lesson you’ve learned for you is that regularity is key for your own fitness.

It’s really frustrating sometimes that there isn’t a one size fits all running recipe. I am a creature of habit, so when I am out of synch my runs don’t seem to go quite as well as I hope. So I understand your rant all too well.

Hopefully the beast ha gone totally to terrify others and won’t trouble you again.

Good luck and happy running next time out.

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Hello there - we are at the same place in the programme. I hadn’t read your post when I sent mine off, which was all about expecting W8 r1 to be really hard after (like you) an enforced gap and being taken aback that it wasn’t. I really hope it didn’t make you feel even more fed up. Like you I’m learning both what works for me, and also how to just accept that some runs are much harder for no obvious reason. You showed amazing determination to carry on, so maximum respect and all the best for next time. 👏

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