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Now on week six and hooked

I used to run cross country at school but now 52 that's a long time ago!

I have never run since, but I am now on week six and even did my run last evening in -7 degrees! I look forward to each run now and recover very quickly.

I am amazed at how effective this program is, as I was so unfit walking up stairs made me out of breath. Each week I treat myself to some running equipment as I started in mountain trainers and joggers! So now even starting to look like a runner! But most importantly I feel like one!

25min run up next and I can't wait. Keep going everyone who is just starting and keep to the program it is just so satisfying to see the progress.....and weight loss!

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A simple programme with stunning results.

Keep running, keep smiling.


Very well done you :)


It's a fantastic programme and yes, the results are quick and satisfying! 👍😁


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