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Progress after nearly 2 months post completion of C25k


I completed th programme at the beginning of the year and have managed to get 3 runs in every week of 5k, i’ve had t be watchful of the weather and have dodged some downpours.

On some days i’ve set out thinking i’ll make this a short one but always when I get to the 4k point I think no I’ll keep going, my time is not decreasing as fast as i’d like (it’s currently around 28min) but I’m boosted by the comments here that the time is about right, my weight has dropped from 15st 10 to 13st 7, some of that is down to diet but i’d like to think the 5ks have played a part

One thing that has stood out here is the tremendous support everyone gives to each other. i’d like to give some thing back here as well, to all those starting out , just believe in your self, you can and will achieve the 5k target it not magic it’s proven scientifically that the programme you are following will give the result you are aiming for

keep running

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Well done, Nick.

You make it sound as if you are running all your runs chasing faster times. It is not necessarily the best way to get faster. Have a read of this post about post C25K running it may help.

Keep running, keep smiling.


Very well done you.. and I was just about to send you the link that IannodaTruffe has just given you :)


That's great to hear Nick, I often wonder how easy it is to carry on after the programme ends. 👍😊


Well, I have yet to run a full 5K and don’t suppose I’ll ever hit below 30mins. So I think you’re doing just brilliantly 😆


This is a really interesting post. Well done for continuing to work so hard after graduating, that is a major challenge in itself. I also graduated early in the new year but somehow lost the momentum and have started again! Just finished week two and it's not easy!

Good luck and happy running.


Well done! I graduated in October and like you have kept up running three times a week, at first just 4km or 4.5km, but from November I've been running 5km. 28 mins is brilliant, my target this summer is to get below 30 mins! Although people say running doesn't do much for weight loss, my phone app says each run uses about 400 calories. In conjunction with my cutting out some snacks, I've lost about a stone in a year, and others seem to find the running helps. I think it suppresses my appetite too

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