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Back at it.. some more!

I have officially "restarted" training... however, I am only restarting because that's what the program calls for that i'm completing.

We were grouped into 3 separate groups based on an assessment of 1 mile timing, and the group I was put into i'm not sure challenges me enough. So i already emailed my trainer to check and see about moving up (i'm working to improve my speed).

Basically... I ran IN FRONT of the trainer the whole time and had trouble being slow enough to stay within ear shot.

We were doing 90 second run, 2 minute walk intervals. I talked to the person I was running beside the whole time and was barely even winded. Never thought I would say that!!!

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how fab is that then... Just shows once you’ve got it, you’ve got it.

Well done you and good luck on the full restart

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Thank You! My trainer suggested I move up and try it.. if its too much then to move back again. I think I can do it though!! :)

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