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In the Hollow Hills - Lent Challenge Day 3

Again rather late - blame half term. But here we go with our first proper day of the challange and it's a nice easy and gentle introduction.

Have as much fun as you deem appropriate given that it is Lent. Tomorrow will be a step up (except not actually with stepping).

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I obviously need to do this exercise because I am very bad at it! I can either manage without my arms extended above my head (fingers and arms stretched out towards my toes) or the beginners version with feet on the floor. 30 seconds??? More like 5!! Heigh ho - one person's easy is another person's challenge! 😃


5 seconds is fine. It doesn’t matter what your baseline is, only that you establish it. The challenge is not about being in competition with one another, just to become better versions of ourselves. If you can do 5 seconds today and 10 seconds after a few sessions, that is progress.


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