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I’ve just finished my 1st week on Saturday and was all excited about my weighing which is every Monday. So for 1 week I have ran for 24mins in total. Stepping onto the scales I was shocked when the lady told me I had put half pound ON. I have stuck to plan and am in a limbo now. As I suffer with mild depression this has hit me hard. I know it’s only half a pound but I just don’t understand.

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My SW consultant has lost 4st over last 12 months - slowly losing between 1-3lb/week. She’s in training for the London Marathon next month and has upped her training this last week. She’s put 4.5lb on this week. She feels it’s her body retaining fluid when she ups her exercise!

Keep going - you’ll be losing inches and toning up!! 👍👍

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Muscle weighs more than fat. :)

Bigger picture approach necessary I feel. One weigh in. If you weigh every day for a week (or whatever) there will be massive variation. So weigh weekly and you may hit a loss point or a gain point. So if you can really maintain an objective scientific perspective weigh daily or hardly ever.

Since starting the C25k, I have lost zero (Yes ZERO) pounds but I am wearing jeans 2 sizes smaller than when I started. For me this wasn’t for weight loss anyhow. Maybe take some measurements and see how you compare

Lots of people on here report really good weight loss. Make sure you don’t eat more as a ‘reward’ for running and take the long view

Good luck 😉

Please read the guide to the plan for a perspective on running and weight loss.

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I have lost 3.5st with SW and started running after losing approx 2.5st. When I started the running the weight loss plateaued for a while but did pick up again after a few weeks. I don't believe c25k helped me lose much weight mind you, you really don't actually do enough running for it to count much especially in the early weeks. There is also the trap of 'I did a bit of exercise so I can now eat X' where sadly X is 500 calories and you just burned 50 with your 5minute run.

Where people will lose weight is through making other changes, you have already made one by joining SW, and by controlling what you eat and finding a new healthier way of choosing food you will lose weight. Running will help, and it will help your fitness if you keep at it and all of these things are steps on the pyramid to a healthier you. As you improve in one area hopefully it will help you make gains elsewhere, ie losing weight encouraged me to run, which encouraged me to get down the gym which reinforces why I want to eat healthy which encourages me to look for ways to gain more exercise elsewhere ie walking or a sneaky 20 squats after a shower :)

One way to up your calorie burn is to pick a running route that'd take an hour to walk so that when you finish the run/podcast your keep on with the walk. A 5k route is great for this as it shows what you are aiming to run down the line a bit.

You will get there, but you won't get a free ride with c25k.

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Running will change the way you body looks and even if you don't lose weight you will be fitter.

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AlMorrGraduate in reply to Beccym

Running its self will not reduce weight loss, excellent post from you and especially "pinkaardvark", I read it a second time, best of luck for your weigh loss.

Im doing slimming-world i had lost just over 3stone before i started with the c25k app and using the gym, my first week of proper excersise i gained 0.5lbs but it soon started to right its self and i started to loose again although its only small amounts but over the month it all adds up. Im now pretty much at my target weight but im still seeing changes in body shape and my fitness levels since starting c25k are totally different.

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Half a pound is not a significant gain. If you weigh yourself every day at the same time you will see your weight go up and down by at least that much. If your weight keeps going up by half a pound a week over a number of months that would be significant weight gain.

The woman at Slimming World should have told you this 😠

I started the app 7weeks ago with the joint aim of getting fitter and losing weight. I'm definitely getting fitter but haven't lost any weight (indeed I put it on to start with) and I felt down heartened by that. Luckily though I thought to take measurements before I started and found that I've lost 3ins on my waist. The inch lose has given me a great boost!

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Hi, I could have written a similar post! I've been doing the c25k since November and have lost very little weight! During November and December, I lost 9lbs and In January I lost a total of 0lbs,. It can be disheartening when jumping on those scales, however, my fitness has increased dramatically, I'd say i'm the fittest I've been in years so that means more to me at the moment and being on week 7 of the c25k, it is addictive and I feel great for the running!! In the last 2 weeks I have lost 3lbs so am hoping the weight is starting to shift. Dispite this, I have dropped a dress size and my clothes are definitely feeling loser! Keep at it, I do believe its not all about the scales, but it has taken me a few weeks to realise this!

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I weigh the same now as I did last year. And I mean exactly the same. However, I am 2 inches smaller on my waist and 1 1/2 smaller on each thigh.

Hope this helps. Running changes your shape, which I prssume we all really want. If I weighed 100 stones but my shape was really slim I’d be happy.

Do t sweat 1/2 a pound. It’s a large glass of water!

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Also now weigh 3/4 lb lighter than just before my run. It fluctuates so much

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Hi biggydoug

pls don’t get disheartened, your doing really well but muscle weighs more than fat and I suspect that’s what is happening here. Try not to get hung up about weight - the first thing I noticed was my body changing shape and that’s far more satisfying. It is easy to get hung up on weight loss but try and only weigh yourself at your weight loss class.

If you're sticking to your diet you will definitely loose both weight and inches.

Thank you for all your replies it’s really nice and encouraging and I’m going to stick to it and not beat myself up over it. Getting fitter then fatter is my main motivation

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