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Back to it

I embarked on this program after having my two children and am desperate to regain my fitness. I was almost 6 stone over weight after having my second and have lost over 4 of that. I started the couch to 5k before Christmas and got to the end of week 7 but due to a series of colds and Christmas of course, I completely got out of the habit. I have therefore gone back to week 4 and will complete that week today. It’s been hard but I’ve done it, so feeling optimistic that I’ll be able to continue this time 🤞🤞🤞

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You will... because you have told us you are back :) Just take it, as very very steadily and very slowly.... you know the form :) Enjoy getting back to where you are:)

Welcome back to us :)


Thank you! I’m definitely very slow and very steady 😂


I started before Christmas too- but only just so only got to week 2, lol! It was impossible to keep it up over Christmas so I started again after, then set up a group to join me. I’m on week 4 when I run by myself but the group are a couple behind me...

It’s actually quite easy to fit it in around the kids when you try isn’t it?!

Good luck x


It’s so good to know there are people in the same position as me.

I’m finding it a lot easier with the kids now because my husband is doing it too so we can take it in turns to go out 🙂 I always felt a bit guilty before.

Good luck to you too, sounds like you’re doing great! X


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