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Wk 3 R 3

Wk 3 R 3

Week 3......complete.

I had to laugh as i started my music i had first 'long road to ruin by Foo Fighters' and 'mission impossible theme by Limp Bizkit' maybe Deezer could see what i was doing when it chose lol

However, i think ive realised why my first burst of 3 mins is harder than my second. I thought it was because i was more warmed up for the second, which may still be true, but althought as you can see the road is fairly flatish my first burst of 3 mins cos slightly uphill and my second slightly downhill.

The Donkey had a horse friend today and seemed more interested in me today.......i will take that as im looking better lol 😂

What will week 4 have for me........

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Ha ha 😁. Your tracks can often make you guffaw when they crop up at an appropriate moment 😃. Or even an inappropriate moment

Well done 💪👍


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