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Hi there I’m back after a 2 year break 😱. Last time I got to w9r3 and 2 mins in did my hamstring ☹️ . Decided last September I need to do some weight, so joined a gym and started eating better (not a diet) have since lost nearly 3 stone😀 . So 7 weeks ago thought let’s give this running lark another go seeing as I got so close to the finishing line last time. The important thing I learned since last time was take my time and not worry about distance. So I’m back and hopefully this time I can complete the full 9 weeks. 🏃🏻🏃🏻Gary.

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Well done Gary, stronger, fitter, leaner..you will get to the finish line this time😊...

Then your journey continues...

Good luck...

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"No Worries" - that's my approach also doing the programme from scratch again. :)

The heck with 5 or 10k - I just like running for however long that is sensible and fun for me :)

Wishing you many happy miles on your return Gary :)

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That must have been sooooo frustrating. Well done for getting back on it.


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