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I can do this!

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I did it! OK it was only week one run one, but I did it. Restarting is difficult, and I agree with everyone who says the first run is the most difficult, BUT it was a lot easier this time around. Last year I set off on w1r1 and after about ten minutes I was wondering who would find me slumped on the pavement, my face bright red and clammy. I couldn't even jog the third 60 second "run" and I walked back home puffing and panting. No exaggeration. I stuck to the programme and I did my first ever 5k last spring. And then I let it slide...so here we go again. And guess what? I coped with the entire half hour, didn't wimp out, didn't imagine I'd need paramedics to get me home. I'm up and running. I'm back!

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Welcome back.

If you don't keep exercise levels up then the health benefits soon dwindle.

Have you read the guide to the plan? healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

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Welcome back - I'm sure you'll nail it (again) - you have the bonus of foresight too!

Brilliant, well done and welcome back!

You'll soon be back up to 5k. Keep up the good work ... happy running!

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