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Week 3+, squelch!

In the middle of One of Those Weeks, today has absolutely felt like One of Those Days. I’ve been tired and unmotivated at work - even though I love my job - and have had to force myself to focus and get things done. I’ve felt all day as though I’m clinging to my sanity by my fingertips, and hoping no one asked me how I’m doing. So oh boy did I need tonight’s run.

DD2 decided she wasn’t coming with me, and I decided not to take Fluffy Pup either as I wasn’t in the frame of mind to cope with her digging her heels in when she wanted to stop or go a different way. So torch and trainers on, off I went into the dark evening.

Tonight was my first run of ‘week 3+’ - which I remembered after the first 90s run. So after each of the other three I added an extra 45-60 seconds of running. It all went very well, and I was delighted to feel at the end of the last four minute run that I could have gone on further. Only fear of hurting my knee stopped me - I’ve learned the painful way in the past to be careful at this point!

So what about the ‘squelch’, you at be wondering. Yes. About that. Half way through the cool down walk, having turned my torch off because I was in an area with good enough lighting, I went up a couple of steps - and landed in a DEEP puddle which came right over the top of my shoes. Coooold! And very Very wet. Ah well, they have until Saturday to dry now... 😊

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It’s actually drying up a bit in my area so less puddles to dodge - feel for you, cold and wet 😣 but hey you did it 🙌


Well done 👍😊 good run bit shame about the wet feet 😬. Are you sure you are not going down with something - certainly sounds a difficult week for you.


I have a full-on case of teenagers. I think that’s the main issue ;) The run definitely was the highlight of my day - up until the wet feet. 😄


Sounds like a tough week.

Newspaper is your friend when it comes to drying trainers 😉


If we had any, I would! They’re on top of the dog crate, next to a radiator now...

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