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Personal best mile run

Personal best mile run

For years I've had a target of a 10min mile run, but I have NEVER been one for cardio, I've always ran for a week then stopped but in December I started couch 2 5k and stuck to it for four weeks, the past week I've been so poorly, bed bound and off work which stopped me running, I'm determined to get back into couch 2 5k tomorrow (Monday)

Today I ran home from work and beat my mile run (normally 13 mins) and got 11mins, so much closer to that 10 min mark & only thing I can thank is couch 2 5k for the motivation the past few weeks and also this app!

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Hi Megan

That's fast for a new runner. Id you're doing couch to 5k try not to get hung up on pace, it's more about doing the distance. When you get to the longer runs you need to keep a nice steady slow pace, you can work on speed later.

Ps you're in Shrewsbury, there's a lovely women's only running club there that meet every Monday night. The next beginners course starts 26th February

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Been looking for a running club while I'm living here, moving away in April so might join thank you :)


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