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The Missing American

Well friends... After graduating the program I entered into a whirlwind of holidays, crazy schedules, sickness, migraines, a vacation etc... and I have failed MISERABLY at running.

Lets also throw in the fact that I DO NOT run while it is dark ( for safety reasons) and I don't have anywhere inside to run (due to lack of money for a gym membership). And not to mention we have had a very harsh winter here in the Southern States that we simply are not used to (negative windchill... we don't get those often). All are pretty lame excuses...

Oh i also have my first boyfriend in 4 years .... so navigating that has been an interesting change to my life as well!

But all of that to say.. I have PLANS to continue running.. I just may have to start the program over! Which is ok.. because we actually have a C25K program at the University I work at starting in February!!

So... i'm still alive! I'm still here! I just haven't been running much due to life circumstances. But i'm going to get back in it!! My boyfriend also likes to run and has done half marathons before! So he's trying to get back to running as well!!

I miss all of you!!! :)

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The best way to make sure you don't slip again is to keep posting here and we will keep you up to speed.

Keep running, keep smiling.

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Oh definitely!! Be looking for a post soon!!


I’ve missed you! My running has been on hold since before Christmas because of weather (snow) and childcare commitments with grandchildren around the country. I’ve done a couple of 25 mins on the treadmill at the gym but not regularly enough!

Welcome back!

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I have missed my UK community for sure!!!

Thank You! :)


As a fellow lapses, sometimes life happens and running doesn’t- but you haven’t forgotten so I reckon we will be seeing new posts soon. Welcome back and happy running

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