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Back again

Well I got to week 8 just before Christmas then got into the Christmas spirit and lost my motivation to go outside. I was disappointed in myself as was feeling really proud of my achievements pre Christmas.

Well I've been putting it off.... too tired, too full, too cold, too wet, excuses excuses. But yesterday was the day, forced myself to get my leggings on and head out with Jo encouraging me. Decided I would go back to week 5 and three 5 min runs.

I'm not going to lie it was a struggle and I nearly stopped jogging but my body kept going even though my mind was saying stop. Before I went out I had a headache looming and was about to take a migraine tablet but hey when I returned from the fresh air, head was clear.

So I've started again and I'm feeling really happy that I did, looking forward to graduating this year.


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whoop well done for getting back out there! Keep it up :D


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