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Week 9 Run 1 down

So pleased, got Week 9 Run 1 done this morning. Somehow felt much harder work than the 28 min runs last week, I think it was psychology at work, me thinking "I should be finding this easy now" and then, well, it wasn't a pushover. Never really believed it when people said how important your mind was rather than just muscles etc, but it's so true!

Wednesday when I do Run 2 I shall go out with more of a plan to just enjoy it and not stress about whether I'm quicker or slower than before, and see where that takes me.

Very happy to be this close to graduating! Then I need to research what the best plan is to keep it all going once the podcasts stop. Time to put together a playlist of cheesy 80s motivational pop, I think!

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Yay! almost there!

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You are right in that you shouldn't be worrying about your speed. Howevr, I was the same as you and wanted to put in a good time as well. I have learnt though, through injury mostly that the body cannot cope with being pushed to its limits every time and slower runs are benficial for building us up longterm.

There are many options open to you upon graduation. With so much advice being given by our veterans, perhaps a post-graduation post needs writing up (HINT).


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