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W7 R3 TICK ✅

I’m soooo happy!!! 😁.

It’s taken me more weeks than it should have but I’ve made it to the end of week 7 & the high I’m on is totally worth the journey here!

I really struggled with week 6 & 7 and I know now that I’ve been going too quickly & I just couldn’t run for any longer than 20 mins & then 15 on other days. I’ve been repeating the mantra that I read over again here....to slow down and then slow down again. It’s worked & tonight I went out with my son & we slowed the pace down & I smashed 25 minutes....I was high fiving & fist pumping down the street-good job it was dark!

I’m going skiing on Tuesday & I started this on November 1st to increase my fitness ready for the slopes, last year I was unfit & dreaded going but this year I am so excited & I just can’t wait to unleash my new fitter legs on the snow ⛄️⛷

I don’t post much but reading lots of your stories and posts here has given me inspiration & drives me on, so thank you all.

See you all in a week 😘

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Well done. Running slow is the way to go.

Enjoy your skiing 😀


It definitely is & tonight was the first time I had a running buddy.....that was such a help, the minutes went by so much quicker! Thank you 😊


Have a great trip! 👍


Thank you, I can’t wait!


Very well done you.... enjoy your skiing and when you get back, the lovely, long runs will be waiting!


Well done! Enjoy your holiday ⛷


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