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W3,R2...why didn’t I start this in June?!?!?


Gales, freezing, and there I am chugging and sweating around a park...🤦🏻‍♂️...bet it’s lovely in August..

So...once again did the first three minutes alright and just plain struggled with the other two...I think I might be recovering easier between runs but that doesn’t seem to help me during it!!...

Phone kept going If with texts and alerts from work colleagues who can’t get in Coz of road closures which was a pain and downside to using phone based app I guess...although no Wiley purring in my ear is very helpful..should of definetly done this in the summer though 😂

Keep safe and keep going guys...it must be doing is good ?!?

Laters 👏🏻

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I started C25K in June 2013.........said he smugly..........yeah, it is definitely easier, with longer days, drier ground and generally more benign weather conditions. Come the summer you will have to cope with the heat, best done by getting up at 5am, in my opinion.

Look at it this way, if you can work your way through the programme in this weather, you will cope with anything. I admire your dedication. I had the running habit firmly ingrained before I had to face winter weather.

Stick with it and you will never regret it.

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Lol, I'm the opposite - my usual pattern is start running some time in autumn/winter. Give up when it's hot in the summer, or when holidays disturb my routine! 5am starts just don't happen for me... Maybe this year will be the one when I keep going... :)


Am so glad it is now winter for running.

How awful it was in the summer. Blazing sunshine blinding me and making me hotter than I already was. Having to set my alarm for 4.30am so that I could get out at 5am before if was too hot during the day. Every stingy and bitey insect from a 20km radius determined to land on me in my bright yellow top. Cyclists and dog walkers everywhere. No breeze to cool me down.

Definitely so much better now ;)


Never mind, spring isn't too far away. Icy pavements here, so am debating whether to run outside or on the treadmill this evening. A youthful runner sailed sure footed downhill past me yesterday when I was walking the dogs. i slipped on the same hill a few seconds after.


Well done for braving the cold and doing your run...😊

Springtime is a great season for running, it won't be long.

I put my phone on 'do not disturb' when running. It strops texts and pings but phonecalls still get through..


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