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Consolidation problems

I graduated at the beginning of the month but have found it very difficult to complete a 30 min run since. My first post grad run I found I couldn't run for more than 10 minutes before I had to walk an found the same problem on the next few runs. I resorted to returning to W5 of the app an repeating runs until today when I was going to repeat W6R2. I found I felt comfortable at the end of the first 10 mins so thought I'd run through the 3min walk an the second 10 min run. Well was still feeling good at the start of the cool down so carried on jogging instead. When that come to an end I thought just 2 more mins then you've done 30 so amazingly managed to keep plodding on until my fitbit showed I had done 30 mins. Yes!!! I'd finally completed a post grad run.

Just couldn't believe how hard it was to be able to repeat what had already been achieved. Now hoping the next run I do will also be 30 minutes.

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I haven't been experiencing the same as you but due to work, colds/flus, lack of sleep, I have rarely run 3 times 30 mns every week since my graduation. In any case, my body has found it hard because for the first time in a very long time, it hadn't done that kind of exercise so regularly, even if I can run for 30 mns without any problem. Perhaps you shouldn't try so hard to run 30 mns three times a week: either have a bit more rest days in-between, or do 1x 30 mn run and then 2 shorter runs like 15 mns or 20 mns. And when you feel comfortable, get 2 x 30mns and so on...

Perhaps as well, make sure you run slow ;-)


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