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Week 6 and 7 Complete

Hi all,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted but I’m finally into the last two weeks of the plan! Weeks 6 and 7 are done! I’ll feels great running for a long distance and time! Week 7 was definitely the best, I managed to do a 5k within the 35 minutes and it was a nice looped route back to my house!

I do have a bit of a tight leg but I’m resting that this week.

What shall I do once I’ve finished the plan?

Thank you

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Well done getting this far. But be careful with the 5k, you wouldn't want to injure yourself by overdoing it. I know it's hard when you feel like you can go out and do the longer distances with ease, but as you have said you are experiencing an issue with the tight leg.

What to do once your done, well you keep running I guess and decide whether you want to improve time, increase distance or a blend of both. It's entirely up to you. I consolidated for 3 weeks and made sure I was comfortable with 2 or 3 5ks in the bag and then did a park run. Don't seem to have the time/inclination to do more park runs at the moment, but I am following ju-ju's bridge to 10k program. You could try that if inclined.

The c25k+ podcasts are also of good use in getting your speed up.

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Keep running rain or shine. Easier than it sounds for some without the programme to follow. I've set myself a weekly mileage target. Remember that about 80% of your running should be at your slow pace. That's not just for beginners. Even elite runners follow this rule.

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Well done and I agree with pinkaardvark and SlowLoris..keep on running...a whole new year ahead of you once you have graduated...

The best is yet to come 😊xx


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