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Hang on.....that was 3 minutes...I'm not tired though!! W3r1

I've been so nervous about w3r1, worked myself into a bit of a state if I'm being honest. I just couldn't see how I would go from 90sec to 3mins. My partner is running with me, he graduated years ago but hasn't run for 5 years or so. He is much faster than me and I usually follow him, but today he ran alongside as he knew I was nervous. He controls the app and times and I listen to music.

We got into a proper argument tonight because I was utterly convinced he was lying to me about the durations. I'd have put money on us only running for 90seconds a time. Actually he wasn't, I had ran 3mins twice! I couldn't believe it!

Is it an issue though that I didn't really feel that tired? Admittedly it was slow because I was pacing myself (expecting the worst). I suppose next time I just try to go faster? I'm averaging 15min/mile and 2 miles for the session.

Amazed right now. I ran for 3 minutes.....twice!!

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Well done on your 3 min runs, that is fab. I ran a few times with my son and he had to go really slow for me. Reality is that he has longer legs than me lol and was fitter but he also made the point that we all go at our own pace and as long as we get our heart racing that is enough. He said if I wanted to get faster I could work on that. Good luck


Don’t worry about the pace right now concentrate on doing the minutes. You are doing right to keep it slow. I think your 15min/mile is around 9:20/km looks ok to me. As you run for longer times your legs and body will get used to it and you will probably find the time comes down of its own accord.


Well done, trust the program you will be able to do it...😊

No need to run faster, just keep to a steady pace that feels right for you...

You are doing this!😊x


I used to wind myself up every week of the programme and each time discovered there was no need to fret. Save your energy for the running 🏃🏾‍♀️


Me too! Well done.


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