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w-1 r2 - incredible how quickly one improves

It really is astonishing how quickly one improves - out again in the near freezing fog for a little over half an hour - the plan was to do 7x60s jogs towards the end of the run and have a 2.5 min walk after - so far other than our first try where 3x60 caused great wifely wheezing in the subsequent walk we have steered clear of the post run walk but we need to build up to it for week 1 proper.

Anyhow owing to a slight miscalculation we ended up doing 8x60s jogs which is the week 1 level - albeit with only 2.5m walk after...having said that our starting walk was 10mins not 5 so effort wise I think we must have done the same or more as a proper w1 run.

Its already impressive how far we have come - particularly my wife who initially was almost crippled by the wheezing after 3x60s...it wasn't her being out of breath you could tell from her heart rate she was recovering quite fast but still wheezing and feeling constricted. Now we can manage 8x60 and the breathlessness is down to proper physical effort rather than shock to the lungs/system.

Friday we hope to do the proper w1 format see how we get on, then repeat it all next week as week 1 runs 1-3.

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well done on your progress :)




Great job! You're so ready to start the programme. There will be huge highs, a few lows, and a great running family to provide support and advice as needed😁.


thanks! Just got back from our last pre-week 1 run, in fact using the week one pod cast. Looking good!

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