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feeling a bit of a benefit (!!) (newbie)


I've just finished W1R3, and have been really surprised. My first run was absolutely horrific and I thought I was so unfit I'd never be able to even do week 1, but then I came here, and saw everyone saying "slow and steady", and actually took your advice, and had an amazingly good run 2. It turned out when Laura said "run", I took it seriously, and fully ran - which at the moment I can't sustain for more than about 2 minutes. I also started going at 7am, which has been lovely, and comfortably completed runs 2&3, except for a minor hiccup this morning, when I fell over a branch and scraped my hands/arms and knees - but I kept going!! And actually made it without feeling pain - only when I got home did I realise my legs were bleeding! It was great that I didn't feel the pain from it whilst running, and the feeling afterwards was great. I just wanted to say thank you all for being lovely - your stories made me push on after my awful first run, and although I'm very very very apprehensive for week 2, I think I can do it, which is amazing for me! So thank you very very much!

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Hi. I’m on W3 so... you can do it... (branches aside🤣)

Congratulations on W1.... keep posting because everyone on here is so positive it really helps me. Happy W2 running 🏃‍♀️

Liz x

thank you - I'm loving the positivity here too! I'm sure you'll smash week 3, and stay safe from those pesky twigs!!

Lillybeth30minsGraduate in reply to yikesyikes



Well done.

We have all been there and the advice is sound. Have you read this guide to the plan healthunlocked.com/couchto5... it may be helpful.

yes, I'd read it! But even though I'd read to go slowly, I think I just had no idea what the right pace was (the last time I ran was athletics at school), or what a jog was - I knew walking, fast walking, run and sprint, and only from trying have I just learnt what an actual jog is, I think. Thank you!

IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to yikesyikes

Just to clarify, as a new runner just go at an easy pace defined by the fact that you can clearly, ungaspingly hold a coherent converstion. Any faster is too fast.

Well done on starting this programme , it will work , trust it - enjoy it 👍


Well done! Hope your hands and knees are feeling better! I'm also apprehensive about moving to week 2 having just finished week 1 today but we can do it! 💪🏼

yikesyikes in reply to lexik97

onwards and upwards together - (almost) looking forward to it!


Well done and keep going. I’ve had to take a couple of breaks, due to illness and too much snow, and had to redo week 5. But I’m on week 7 now and loving it.

yikesyikes in reply to RuthL

good on you! I can't even imagine being on week 7 (but I hope I will in 5 weeks!). Thank you!

You will be able to do it yikesyikes😊...you have a great attitude and Laura is your coach! Perfect😄...

Good luck with wk2...onwards and upwards. Nice and steady.x

Have you stared W2R1? You can do it.

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