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Couch to 5K
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w-1 r1 - still seeing improvments

It's looking up for starting week one proper next Monday - I don't want to jinx it but we are up to 15 minutes of 60sjog/90s walk, after 15 mins of brisk walk. The current plan is to move that up to 17.5 mins Wednesday and 20 mins Friday.

Wife's wheezing is not getting any worse despite the longer duration of running - if anything it is a little better so that is definitely in the right direction. I know speed isn't what we are aiming for but none-the-less of note is that we aren't slowing down (probably wouldn't be possible to slow down much more tbh!) with the longer runs.

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This is great news!... I can’t wait for you guys to get cracking 👍

It must be lovely to be doing it together.... well done!

Liz x


Slow and steady, onward and upwards:)


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