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Week 4 Run 1 App glitch

So went out today - finished week 3 Xmas eve. Wondered whether I should repeat week 3 but thought I’d give it a go and see. 3mins fine then 5 mins managed it - next 3 min run Just kept going on and on - eventually I stopped and discovered app had mysteriously paused - checked later and I had stopped after 61/2 mins - then had a slightly longer rest before the final 5 minutes which now seemed short.Thought I would have to go right back to week 1 again so pleased with that. Hope the app doesn’t do the same again next time though.

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Well done for coming back after the festive season! Go easy tho eh! Tech glitches are annoying! Have a good non-running day tomorrow!


I found that too. It jumped back to near the start for me on week 4, so I got lost with where I was and had to just try and measure it myself. The one thing about the app is you can't move the timer back or forth which is a bit annoying. Plus I used to put my phone in my bra, which i think used to confuse the screen 😁 It's now kept in a belt thingy and I haven't noticed the app jumping around so much!


Yes - my phone is in a front pocket at chest height so probably moves up and down quite a bit😊

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