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First week complete

I always wake up very early and usually lie in bed worrying about the day ahead and how I’m going fit everything in. Decided today to get my run out of the way instead so left the house at 6.30. Was dark and cold and a little bit scary. Not sure I’ll make a habit of it till the mornings are lighter but I really enjoyed it and am so pleased with myself for completing week 1. I can’t believe I can actually run even if it is only for a minute at a time. Looking forward to next week. 😁

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Well done.

I predict that you will be so anxious to fit your running fix into your life that everything else will fit around your running.

Be pleased.........you have started an amazing journey that will probably change your life forever. When I started, I found myself grinning inanely in smug satisfaction.

Keep running, keep smiling.

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A great start. If you can do week 1, you will be able to do week 2 after your rest day :)

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I took up running last spring with the help of this programme. I ran Sunday mornings and twice in the week before work. Fortunately it was always daylight then. Recently I have been training for a HM. This has meant getting up at 5am to run in the week (and on at least two occasions at 4.30am) which has meant that pretty much all of my running has been in the darkness.

When I started I questioned my sanity for doing this in the cold, dark and often wet. Now I don't even think about it. I imagine it will feel strange when the days lengthen and I am running in the daylight again.

Its an occupational hazard at this time of year unfortunately. However, it shows that you have the right mindset to be a runner. Well done.


Great start to the day and end of week one!

Mixing up run times will keep it interesting and give you more flexibility. You are doing great!


You are doing great and have made a great start. Progress already. Well done. You are ready for week 2 now. Keep up the good work. Your mind and body will thank you for it.


Well done Janice... bring on week 2 eh?👍

Liz x


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