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Couch to 5K
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About to start week 5

Still entering a flat smile on the grid. Not convinced running is for me, but my wife and I committed to each other we would give it a shot. We first did it about 10 years ago....in our 30s. I am feeling the anticipation of running non stop for20mins. Our pace has been about 13km/h which feels OK but seems slow. I am wondering how to train to increase the pace.

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13 km/hr is fast! That's sub 5min/km.


I’m sure you’ll get through it and love running by the end of it all. But regarding the pace it isn’t something you should worry about at all, remember slow and steady wins the race! You can focus on pace after completing the program.


That doesn't seem slow are you saying you could run 13k in 1 hour? It takes me approx 7 mins to run 1k so I would run 8.3k in one hour


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