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Gait analysis in France?

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Just read Mrrun's fantastic post about getting injured and it's really made me sit up and take notice. I've been planning to get my gait analysed next time I'm in London, but I think it may be more urgent than that, so I wonder whether anyone knows where to get it done in France! I've googled and there are loads of self-analysis tools but I can't find a place where I can go to be analysed. I only know Sport2000 and Decathlon here (Nîmes) but I bought shoes from Runners Need when I was in London and I imagine they can do gait analysis.

I looked for runners near me on this board but the nearest is 250 miles away - is there anyone closer?



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Hi Lizz, I'm a froggie and live in France ;-)

If you have some French social security or a good health insurance, I would look for a sports doctor (médecin du sport) or a "podologue" (podiatrist). Usually it's the GP who gives you a prescription for the podiatrist as insoles are reimbursed by our social security as part of the doctor's fees. Even if you don't have any pathology, a sports doctor will be able to advise you and make sure you get the right running shoes for you. But it seems you are worried about injury, so a good reason enough to check with a specialist. You need to know that they are far more expensive than GPs (mine takes 65 euros... and the podiatrist's is 85 euros but reimbursed partly).

If you don't want to go and check with a doctor, then try to find a running shoe shop in Nîmes which does gait analysis? The serious ones have a treadmill and can advise you but I don't know about Nîmes as it's not a very big city.

Hope you'll find a way!! Let me know if you need further info. Have a great New Year's eve in the meantime!

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Thank you Anthie. I’ll try a local store first but otherwise ask my doctor - I need to get a medical certificate for local 5k runs anyway, once I’m ready. Happy New Year to you, too. Love Lizz xxx

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AnthieGraduate in reply to

Sports 2000 might be nicer than Décathlon... and if they don't have it should be able to tell you where to find another shop that provides it. Are you part of a sports club? I guess there must be quite a few people in Nîmes running who could help.

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LizzisforlivingGraduate in reply to Anthie

I'm a complete beginner! But there is a women's running club nearby and I do plan to join when I feel I could not make a fool of myself. I'll ask around - I definitely know people who run, but up till now I haven't told them that I've started!

Thanks for your help and advice - am I getting an 'analyse de foulée'?

Love Lizz

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AnthieGraduate in reply to Lizzisforliving

Yes, "analyse de foulée" sounds very good to me! I'm not sure we have a proper term in French (I'd never thought of it...): I would say "Pouvez-analyser la manière dont je cours/marche?" But "analyse de foulée" is actually more precise. Anyone should understand what you mean. So good luck with it and enjoy your first runs! They can be painful but best memories after ;-)

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Depends where you are in France! Loads of places in Paris... !

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LizzisforlivingGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

I'm in Nîmes - so nowhere near Paris (I get to London more often).

Happy New Year!

Hi, Enduranceshop in Alès offers analysis.

Hope that helps!


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LizzisforlivingGraduate in reply to cruziere

Certainly does! Thanks.

Are you near Alès? I'm in St Quentin la Poterie and I'd love to join a ParkRun but there isn't one, and I'm far too much of a novice to set one up myself. Would you be interested?

Love Lizz x

I'm near Barjac, and would join a ParkRun too, also a novice runner...must do more!

Phil x

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Hope you can get to a specialist shop! That will mean you get the gait analysis AND are helped to get the correct fit shoe. I’m not sure a medic or clinician could do that, unless they also sell shoes.

Happy running!

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