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Just Call me 'Runner 5'

Today marks the 12 month mark since I first took up C25K and so I celebrated by driving to Mam's house, encouraging her to come out and go for a run with me.

We spent 30 minutes running away from zombie hoards thanks to the 'Zombies, Run!' app. (mam's a chapter ahead of me) Once I worked out how to play my own music through the app, it was a fun 'game' to play and I enjoyed the whole scenario, (I've always had a decent visual imagination. I actually got attached to the Doctor and Sam the Radio Operator - in this zombie-filled world, they're the closest thing your character has to friends) I actually can't wait to go out again on thursday to do the next chapter.

Mam and I celebrated outsmarting the zombies (this time!) with a hot shower each, swiftly followed by a well deserved cuppa.

I also finally treated myself to some new trainers on the way home because my purple and silver ones have holes in the toes and are looking rather battered.

Thursday can't come soon enough ;)

MrsPsycho out


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I always run with zombies! Even did their Halloween 5k in October, totally fun!


awesome ^_^


Very well done.. you and Mum xxxxx


Sounds like a great way to enjoy your running...keep ahead of those zombies MrsPsycho😊xxx


I'm a Runner 5 too (I think there are lots of us which is just as well as at least two have already died).

Still can't work out how to get the transmissions loud enough to hear easily. I play my music using Amazon Music in the background and it mutes when a Zombies radio transmission come on but it is so quiet. If I turn the volume up, the music deafens me when it comes back on. Not even my teenage children can solve this - anyone out there sussed it?


There's a % of volume setting in the ZR settings-- if you haven't found it then that's what you are looking for!

Just ran season 1 ep 16! Started in w8 of c25k...

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Found "Internal Player Music Volume" - I've turned it down to 75% (was set to 100%) - will see if that helps on my next mission. What would be more useful would be if I picked up a hearing aid on my travels instead of all these pairs of trousers and tool boxes.

I'm on Season 1 Mission 8 - looks like I'm off to The Old Mill next.

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I get the distinct impression that Runner 8 doesn't trust me. Don't know what gives me that idea, maybe the way she accused me of having stolen my uniform off a corpse after the chopper crashed? ;)


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