So, I always see this powerwalker in the mornings, I call her "The Zombie" because she never talks to me or interacts with me, she can't even force a smile!

The Zombie really does power walk, she's practically at my heels, almost round my whole route!

This morning, I decided to play a little game, (inside my head - obviously), I pretended The Zombie WAS ACTUALLY a zombie, she was the first of a horde, all following to chew on my bones!

It was fun to begin with, then I lost The Zombie 🙀 where did she go.....

She popped up from an alleyway between an estate! I kid you not - I actually squealed at her!

I'm going to have to change my route or the time I go out🙈


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17 Replies

  • Am glad someone else creates these characters, I thought it was just me. I've lost my Mr 118 maybe the Zombie got him....

  • Maybe 🤣

  • 😀 Made me smile. Hate zombies!

  • Me too 🙈

  • Love it! Made me laugh sitting on the train on the way to work. Who needs games like "zombie run"?

  • Work... I remember it well :)

  • Hmm, not sure if I like this comment😂 Not envious of my student friends who are all retired while I have just less than 10 years to go - not envious at all😥

  • Sorry you... :) I am on sproglet watch today, so I shall have my work cut out too :) A long walk with her, snug in her buggy. whilst I am pushing her..and it is pouring!!! :)

  • Exactly, I have a scary powerwalker to contend with! Hahaha

  • Brilliant!!!! Maybe she is doing it to encourage you... :)

  • She could say so, she is really rather intimidating hahaha

  • You see I really want to see her now... I have this image of her in my head... maybe I could do a sketch of her, like I did the sketch of one of the forum friends gremlins?


  • That's an amazing sketch, did you find out if the sketch was accurate?

  • Well mfamilias thought it was... Gary is a mean old gremlin.. check some of her posts out, they are fantastic and she is one awesome runner... she would soon sort the Zombie lady out!!!! :)

  • Ha ha 😃😃😃. Great fun! What a brilliant distraction 😃

    I would make it my plan to get her to react to you. Smile next time you see her , then a smile and a hi, and ratchet it up on the cheesey grin scale . Break that woman down You'll have her passing the time of day real,

    soon 😃

  • The thing is, I DO 🤣 every morning I say hello and smile, I even waved at her this morning, she is one tough cookie haha

  • Happy in her misery. Some folk are just like that. Pity. You have to feel sorry for such folk

    You carry on being a nice girl, and have fun out there. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeha!

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