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The longgg road to running fitness

It's 5 months since I posted as a 'newbie' with achy knees after week 1. ...since then:

Physio diagnosed irritable MCL. .on the ic for a month.

Lots of strengthening exercises prescibed.

Had gait analysed and now have insoles in my asics.

Restarted C25K. Took it easy, but recurring MCL on week 3. Back to ic. 😢

Again restarted , but building up to week 1 in very small increments.

I'm now Wk1, run 2 and all good so far.

Being very strict about rest days and strengthen/cycle on rest days.

Fingers crossed, I'm on the program properly at long last, as now getting addicted and 'normal life', I.e. housework, is not my priority!

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Very well done for getting back on the track :) Take it very steady" :)


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