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Run done was difficult keeping a steady pace with Icey patches and puddles 6 inches deep but got around with a bit of cross country got very wet feet mind. Was shocked when told only 5 minutes left and even tried the ‘sprint’ for last 60 seconds. Looking forward to week 7 might have to rejig things as it looks like I’m running Christmas 🎄 day at the minute 😳 is it ok to run on a rest day ?? instagram.com/p/Bcphc5_h6NF/

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At this stage always have at least one rest day between runs. Apart from that fit them in however it works best for you. I'm planning to run Christmas morning because it always sets me up for the day.


As BartonWalker says you need to take at least one rest day (non-running) between your runs. You can do other forms of exercise on your rest day.

Running creates tiny micro tears in your muscles and these repair and strengthen during your rest day. No rest, no repairing. So you are leaving youself more open to injury. Rest days are as important as the running days and must be adhered to.

Don't forget to do some gentle stretching after the warm down walk while your muscles are still warm when you get home.

Good luck with Week 7 keep it nice and steady during the run.😊x

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Thanks for all the advice will do on taking it steady 👍🏼

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