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Still about🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Evening all 👋 well it’s been 2 weeks since my graduation.

I decided that l would consolidate until after Xmas and then plan the next part of the journey with a goal in the autumn.

I have been trying to run alternative days but with the weather being so variable it’s been 3 times a week.

I ran with Mr Smooth initially but my last 2 runs have been just me and my music. It’s been quite liberating running with out him and lm really enjoying my free running. Those of you that have read my past posts know that l love to run before work so my runs are all quite early normally about 6.15am l love running at this time of day.

My last few runs are around 4.8km in about 38 mins so lm a real slow and steady girl but l guess it’s building up my stamina. I complete a longer run at the weekend when l have more time and did 5.9 km on Saturday with a warm up brisk walk for 10 mins first.

So lm happy with how it’s going so far and when l look back to the beginning of October when l started C25k l am amazed at my progression.

Still doing some research into what comes next but enjoying Running bug on FB lots of advice and ideas.

Going to get my gait analysis done in the holidays and buy some new running shoes😄

Really enjoying just running because l can now and the freedom and strength that it’s giving me.

Happy running everyone 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️👍😘

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What a positive post Wantorun 😊

Well done to you, and its great that you are enjoying your runs and getting stronger all the time. 😊x

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Brilliant post, so nice to see your enjoyment coming through in every line.


The runs for joy, just because you can run are wonderful... and then the consolidation every time you run is making you stronger:)

Maybe different routes, some shorter and some longer runs.. and then maybe, try the C25K+ podcasts,, they are challenging and good fun!

Go you... enjoying is what this is all about :)

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Many thanks sound advice as usual will have a look at them. X

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