Hello I am a newbie

Hello folks. A quick Hello fro me. A 45 year old man and previous sloth. A stone overweight and a gym hater. Though slightly vain. In fact any form of movement over the last 20 years has been walking. So “your kidding” has been the response plus hilarious laughter from EVERYONE that I have told I am about to move on to week 4 run 1. Any advice and encouragement greatly appreciated. Joan Rivers once said “you show me one person running that looks like they are enjoying themselves and I’ll try it” Well for the most I am enjoying it. Regards. 🏃


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33 Replies

  • Thats brilliant...i am also on wk 4...run 3 today!!!glad to hear you are enjoying it.i am totally hooked which is still a totally bizarre concept...still cant figure it out haha 🤣😂

  • Good luck today. It’s a madly bizarre concept for me too.

  • Thankyou...just been out & done it...thats wk 4 done...onwards to week 5 which i am looking forward to/dreading in equal measures!!!

  • Laughter is the best medicine! But you'll soon be laughing back at them!!!

  • Welcome, not such a newbie now as you've already come so far. Well done 👏 I'm sorry to say this 56 year old has amazed everyone as I always said I don't do exercise. I'm now addicted!

    Good luck on your journey and let us know how it's going. Did I say running can be addictive 😂

  • It is addictive. I am amazed at myself getting up and doing this. It’s a quite a nice feeling surprising yourself and others. Good luck to you too!

  • I graduated at end of October and can now run 5k. I walk quite a lot and we were out with the dog for a short 3 mile walk a couple of weeks ago. suddenly it dawned on me that I can run that distance!

  • Like you, my 4 kids laughed when I said I was going to do this. Never run before, never done gyms, but became a first time grandparent in September, then hit 60 in October feeling overweight and unfit. About to do week 6 run 2 today, and feeling so good about myself and my ability to keep it going! Love the "can do" positivity it gives me and the feel good factor about what I have achieved. Combined the program with weight loss regime (lost 10 pounds in 10 weeks) So just keep going! Wish I was 45 again ..... or maybe not! Good luck and well done you!

  • The weight loss is fantastic you’ve achieved. I went on a cruise 2 weeks in thinking this will sabotage this running malarkey. I did it on the ship whilst eating like a gannet. Same weight as I was before I left when I got back. Now I feel my trousers a little looser being back to healthy eating. Good luck today and thanks for the advice.

  • Welcome to the most addictive program out😂😂I joined aug 2016 never, not even at school, ran in my life but always wanted to, again don’t ask me why😂so at 59 I graduated & carried on until i fell in black ice , i was ok apart from a few scrapes & cracked the screen of my new phone, that hurt the most as £100 to fix😂. Anyway tried several times to get back into it but it took me to October this year to restart from week 3 and graduated again last week so chuffed & this time il be keeping going & posting to keep motivated! This program works im a very slow & steady runner but omg the benefits are so worth it! So keep goiing stick to the program especially rests days and trust me the program works. One thing i did learn especially on longer runs is don’t start off too fast & if you are tiring slow down don’t stop running just keep the pace slow & steady! O & enjoy😊sounds to me you hooked already😉

  • Think I’d rather break my ankle than the phone screen if it’s a £100 to repair. (Joking) I’ve had my fair share of “sod this” moments but have persevered. Made the mistake of going too fast and now pace myself. I’ve also got over the embarrassment of people actually looking at me running. I used to go out at 6am in the pitch black when no one was around. I am in rural Scotland. Now I go whenever it suits. Decent running trainers have helped with cold ground. Thanks for the advice!

  • Ditto😂😂it took me a lot of courage just to go out & try running 😂good trainers are worth it i went for gait analysis & what a difference! East Scotland for me so pretty cold but aldis do great running gear winter base layers & leggings a treat!! Just learned to be sensible in icy conditions 😱😱

  • I am in Fife. There’s been some icy weather I’ve avoided. Hills I also avoid for now. Looking forward to running in the spring & summer. (Is it even a summer?) 😩

  • I’m across the water running in mid and East Lothian - the hills are the killer! The trick is to find an old railway path and stick to that!!

  • Icy weather in Fife ?! I wish I had your problems – you should try running in Iceland ...

    Whereabouts in Fife might that be ? I remember seven happily misspent years at St Andrews and I also have family in Aberdour and Dysart.

    It was good to see your post – congratulations on getting so far – how’s it going ?

  • Good Morning from Culross,Fife. Sorry for the late reply. Running in Iceland must have its challenges. Where do you run outside and what do you wear? Well I am up 05.30 ready to brave the cold and have a bash. It was an effort to get up but I am determined.

  • Tell the truth I haven’t run outside since it turned wintry. The big problem in my eyes – apart from the cold – is the varying conditions underfoot. If it was just wet, or snowy, or icy, then I think I could cope, but when you get all three within the space of a hundred yards I find it … challenging. A friend here proposed that I just put crampons on my hiking boots and go out and run … but somehow the idea doesn’t appeal. So yesterday bought crampons for my running shoes …

    Ah, Culross! I knew it well forty years ago. Is it still as charming as it was then ? I do hope so.

  • I've just graduated. Also 45, previously an adamant non-running high blood pressure sufferer, a flabby bellied chest pain when exercising kind of guy. Now, I've got a flat belly, normal blood pressure, a healthy chest and a love of running. Welcome to the world of miracles!!

  • Congratulations to you. After a guy I went to school with died of a heart attack earlier this year I knew I had to do something. My blood pressure was a little high before I started. Not had it checked yet. To feel good about yourself after a long time of feeling bad is a great feeling. Long may it continue. Keep me posted with your results. 👍

  • Go you... and welcome.. stick around now you have found us.. we love to hear about everyone's journey!

    My advice, ignore the negativity... just prove them wrong; and as I advise folk on here,( all the time:).. steady and slow as you move forward. Don't push too hard, listen to your body as the runs get longer and make sure you put in some extra rest day exercise too:)

    " Fast enough to get there, slow enough to see"

  • Thanks for the advice. On rest days I often do a little light cardio. Usually following a youtube video at home. Curtains closed. “Light cardio” as in beginners exercising nothing overly strenuous. Just to move a little. Being a very impatient person I’ve had to learn to not push too hard as you say. Other people’s advice and answers to problems I’ve read on here have been dead helpful.

  • Welcome. I started back in may and the response from most people I know was What??! Are you sure you are feeling OK?

    Didn't start enjoying it till about week 7 but now I love it and look forward to park run every week.

    Enjoy the journey.

  • Kudos for you for being part of swaying public opinion in the direction of running being good for you, whatever your age.

  • its mad right? this time last year i was two stone heavier and never, ever thought that running would be part of my life. started the c25k in march i think it was.... then started parkruns from april onwards and never looked back. even completed a couple of 10k races, Once i lost the weight i gained my old confidence back and the compliments are a major bonus!

    and if people laughed at me that would push me even more ;)

  • Sorry for the late reply. Super impressed at the 10k races. Compliments on weight loss would be a major bonus to me too. There’s a saying here in Scotland regarding weight gain that goes “you’ve put on the beef” Looking forward to hearing “you’ve lost the beef”. Regards.

  • Good for you! Keep turning those negatives into positives, just as you are doing right now.

    You're already at a good point if you're on week 4, so keep at it and I bet you'll enjoy it more and more as you go along.

  • This morning completes week 4. 4 weeks ago I’d have never ever thought it possible. Like never! Thanks for the encouragement. 👍

  • Well done: I'm 57 and anyone who's known me at all during those years would find it equally hilarious that I'm now regularly trotting round a park in December. But I'm pretty surprised myself, not least that I'm looking forward to each new run (just started W5).

    I think if you keep that attitude of curiosity and enjoyment plus a bit of mild amusement at the ridiculousness of the whole thing then you'll be fine.

  • How’s week 5 going? This morning I’ll hopefully complete week 4. Mild amusement and the ridiculousness of this does kind of sum up my thoughts. 😁

  • It's been fine so far, will be doing R3 later today. I've given up understanding how it works--today we go from two 8-minute runs to a single 20-minute one which seems a bit previous but so far everything I've experienced (and read) suggests that they really know what they are doing. I'll let you know how it goes!

    My three tips would be

    1. Have confidence in the programme. Surrender to the rhythm!

    2. Be very relaxed and laid back about the whole thing and in particular run as slowly as you can.

    3. Toys, gadgets and gear make it all more fun. This all started when my wife persuaded me to get a Fitbit and I can't recommend my eBay Bluetooth beanie enough. The way the Fitbit (I have a Charge 2) lets you follow yourself round afterwards on a map is priceless.

  • OK so I'm back after the single 20 minute run that completes week 5. Seemed ridiculous on Wednesday but a day is a long time in this programme.

  • I graduated a few years back but your post regarding your mocking family is very familiar. They're not laughing now though and are quite proud of me.

    Keep up the good work and who knows, in a few months, or years in my case, they may even join you. 😊

  • 🤣 I love Joan Rivers, but I don't know what to say, I also love running!

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