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Eek week

Just starting week four--it's a bit "gloves off", isn't it?

I was severely out of breath after the first 3 min run, but coped by really slowing down the running (any slower and I'd have been going backwards) and ignoring the young men thudding past me. It's getting harder and harder to keep track of time as the runs get longer. Hopefully the next two runs will be easier as I now have a rough idea of the park landmarks for each stage.

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My first week 4 run was ok but I did wonder if I would last the longer runs, though it was fine. My second run of week 4 was awful because the route I chose was even steeper than the normal one and I had a strong wind against me. I came back demoralised. It all came together on the last run of day 3 and I felt exhiarated and energised. Im now similarly stressing about week 5 - but it’s just another stage. You will do it, honest!


Interesting...after experimenting a bit I'm now convinced that I should follow the same route every time...although I was severely tempted to turn round and finish on the flatter bit today.

Thanks for the encouragement!

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Slow, slow, slower is absolutely the way to go for this programme Don’t compare yourself to others 🙂

If you slow it down you buy puff 💪😃🏃‍♂️

You don’t need keep track of time Just listen to the app or podcast 🙂


If you are severely out of puff you are running too fast. This programme doesn't require a particular speed, just that you keep running for the required number of minutes. Surprise surprise people who have been doing serious running for years can run faster than us beginners (as can pretty much anyone under 10 including toddlers).

You are doing great and you did the right thing to slow down.

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Stay slow.... and watch the young men :)



To admire their running and think how tired they will be :)

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