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Week 6 Run 3 completed

So in my first week back from the IC I found the running itself pretty easy - all 3 runs were my fastest pace - nearly did 4K in my 25 mins too which bodes well for getting to 5k in 30 in the not too distant future BUT my knee was pretty sore again when I stopped.... I’ve iced it and it doesn’t feel too bad - a days rest and hopefully it will be OK. No squats in the gym tomorrow though. Also I think my knee support is not helping - I think it’s forcing my knee into an unnatural position for my knee - what do you think?

Anyway I’m not going to skip weeks and try and move on too quickly - I am going to be sensible and build my pace and not be impatient about having had to stop one run from graduation last time .... I will get there!

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Forget pace and speed...just take it steady as you go on...:)

If the knee is twingeing, that tells you something... slow down!

This is a journey.. not a race and should be injury free and enjoyable.! Never miss a run or a week.. ever... you are doing just fine.. so relax and move onwards:)

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Thanks will do!

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