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Just ONE more to go

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Well, I say breathlessly after just descending from the treadmill after another 30 minute run, I’m almost there. One more run and this whole C25K program is in the bag.

I found this one so much easier than my previous 30 min run and now cannot wait to complete my graduation run.

Thanks again for all the great advice and motivational comments on here.

I can see the finish line 🏁

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Well done the end maybe but just the beginning of your running life😉enjoy that last run to the podium 😊

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Gaspode1Graduate in reply to Pc59

Thanks - yea definitely the beginning of my running life. I’ll certainly try and enjoy my final run of this program 😊

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The badge.. the champagne and us await you! Slow and steady as you go!

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Gaspode1Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks. Ooo champagne sounds nice 😊

It will definitely be slow and steady lol 🤪

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