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Wk7 R3 in the bag

Completed Wk 7 last night and I'm over the moon. I'm a big fella and I would never have believed that I would be able to run for that long. I think I've even shed a couple of pounds along the way.

Enjoying a rest day before taking on Wk 8.

All I wish is that I'd have started this earlier in the year when the nights and mornings were lighter.

Good luck to all of you and stick with it, if an 18 stoner can manage then there is hope for everyone.

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I know.! We all have those “if only I” moments. Never mind, you’re doing it now so,better late than never. I am virtually 60 now and could kick myself that I wasted so much of my life when I could have been racing 😃. Such fun!!!

I’ve lost weight too, lots of it. I started in winter too but never mind. You quickly get acclimatised. Those brisk warm up walks willnever be brisker 😁❄️🌬💨🌨

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