Wk7 smashed & 5K in the bag!!

Wk7 smashed & 5K in the bag!!

Hi everyone,

Well I've finished week 7 and also smashed 5K in 37 minutes. How proud am I, yet again people In. Cumbria are phoning North Yorkshire because of the noise I'm making when I realise I'm hitting my goals earlier than expected.

I'm not even feeling over tired after Laura tells me to rest.

This running has gripped me more than any other sport I've ever done.

6 more runs to graduation then I can work towards 10 K slowly. I must admit a friend of mine has just done 39.2 miles in 3 hrs 24 mins

Made me feel abit inadequate but then he is a true forest gump in the true meaning of the words lol

Well all you new runners like me keep it up and see you at grad day.

Wk8 starts Saturday, I really can't wait :)

Regards Jase


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23 Replies

  • Well done Jase! Once again your enthusiasm is shining through your post. I'm laughing to myself just imagining how excited you're going to be when you announce your graduation! Won't be long now!

  • I think I will probably burst with joy lol

  • Wow - impressive distance and time - nothing too shabby about that. So glad you are enjoying it. Soon be a graduate and another one leaving me in the dust!

  • Wow!!! Just wow really. That's it!!! Ha! Seriously though that's brilliant. You must be soooo happy. Here's me graduated in September and still at 40 mins for 5k!!! Plod plod!!!! Marvellous. No stopping you now. It's v addictive isn't it! X

  • Very very addictive. I love just getting out and running. Love the freedom and the challenge too

  • Well done Jase, no wonder you're feeling proud.

  • Just love it

  • I love that you're so excited !

  • I love the fact that you love the fact I'm excited about it 😊 lol nearly at the end now

  • Whoah , Youre off like the clappers , pulling up tree trunks on your way and taking no prisoners ! :-D


    I read a post of yours the other day about the illness and all the problems you had with your lungs , and now look at you go !

    Fab stuff Jase , We are very proud of you Mate, Keep going ! :-D xxx

  • I'm in remission at the moment so I'm giving it what for until I can't anymore. Mo Farrer had best watch out because I'm after his top spot. MRI scan next Friday to see how the lungs are doing so hopefully I should be 10k ing in a few weeks 😊🚴🏃

  • Nice one, Jase. That's some buzz you've got now. A real high for the weekend! Enjoy.

    Lord Obe

  • My Leige ! Allow me to herald your presence onto the forum with a fanfare :

    Toot, Toot , Parp ( Ah bum note sorry !) Parp , (sorry) Toot, Toot

    * Bows head and curtseys " :-D xxx

  • You're mad Poppy! Could you please practice the right notes for all the up-coming grads in the next week or so. By the way, please stop distracting me, I'm supposed to be doing the housework. Dusting done, having a rest, onto the vacuuming now. Good bye. Oh, and by the way, Well Done Jase - I'm mightily jealous of your time. A real star.

  • Ah Buff , but Lord Oberon is aristocracy , he is of Royal heritage and wotsit .

    I always herald his arrival onto the forum with a fanfare , its got to be done :-D

    Blimey , haven't you done that vacuuming up yet ? Tsk, shoddy , Buffy , very shoddy :-D xxx

  • Cheers buffy can u just pop round and finish my vacuuming off as well if you have a minute 😇

  • This is disgraceful, I'm still here and still no vacuuming. You two are too distracting - I'm leaving you to eachother, you'll be the ruin of us all.

  • You can borrow my dyson buffy

  • Tempting ..... but not quite enough. Done! That'll do 'til the autumn.

  • Ah, PoppyPug, you troublemaker! Yes, I have been resting for a few days with a twinged knee so can give you guys my attention. Hope to be back on the road in the morning.

    See you around, though!

    Lord Obe :-)

  • Cheers lordobe can't. Wait 😁

  • That's great Jase, well done. 37 mins! And so you should be proud. You're nearly there and a 10k goal to work towards, what's not to like x :-)

  • Thanks no excuse for your kind words. I'm so looking fwd to completing this programme. I just hope it continues to be as good post Laura. I have a running group in mind but I will need to hit 10k to go with them. They are a good group of runners but they mainly run 6 miles each outing

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