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Confidence restored

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I’d recently had difficult outings and could not understand why I ran out of energy. After researching how asthma is affected by running in cold weather, I was oblivious that the cold air affected the airwaves thus after 15 minutes running I was stopping. I had thought my post graduation routines were to blame.

Very nervous today, thought no less than 2 miles, air temperature good, dry outside, lets do it.

Just gone and recorded 49 minutes non stop, OMG!! Mrs B & My longest run yet. 😀😀😀

Oh, I have a neckerchief for those cold days hopefully that will help to take the edge off the cold air intakes.

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Glad you were able to find a reason for your troubles and a solution🤔! Good job on the 49 minute run! Here's looking forward to a winter full of glorious running (provided you can keep that air entering your lungs warmed 🙂)

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Buffs are brilliant too, to keep out that cold air :) Very well done!

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My asthma is massively affected by the cold. I also dont think it helps that now parks are shut in the evening I have to run near a few busy roads and i can instantly tell the difference. Glad the mystery is solved!

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