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Not being at all techie I had to ask daughter to download a playlist for me and sadly show me how to access it.

A good job I was looking over her shoulder because I nearly got eye of the tiger and the theme from rocky added on as a 'laugh'. 'But mum, I can just see you doing the hand in the air rocky self congratulatory bit whilst shouting Adrienne, Adrienne I did it'. Grrrrr

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Parental advise from an experienced hand. Download Rammstein's Du Hast on her playlist, hide and observe. When she freaks out tell her it was just added on as a laugh.

Works every time ;)


Won't work I'm afraid. Used to have that track on my bar playlist many years ago so both daughter's know and if not love...like it.

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Don’t knock it, it’s a goodie 😁

Have fun 👍

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Oooh, I'd be rocking those tunes out, jumping up and down, punching the air...... might have to add them to my playlist. I already play air drums and sing and fist pump while running when a good tune comes on shuffle. I'm sure my neighbours think I'm a little cuckoo😜


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