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Virtual Poppy run 5k 🏅

Hi all

I have just found a virtual 5k that others may be interested in.

It is a fund raiser by the British Legion for Remembrance Day.

There are also a number of organised 5k runs/ walks around the country,11am 6th Nov as per runfasterdoyle earlier post.

Happy running!

If the above link doesn't work key in Poppy Run 5k and click onto the British Legion website

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Brilliant, thank you!


Thank you for sharing 😀


For fellow Buff addicts, there are a few poppy designs which donate to the appeal.


Thanks for sharing this Millsie-J , I've just signed up to do this next Sunday - my first ever 'event' and the t-shirt looks rather nice!


My Poppy Run medal an t-shirt arrived today, thank you Royal British Legion ❤


Mine too ! They are lovely aren't they? I'm so pleased I did this 😃

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Yes! Much larger and heavier than I thought it would be and the t-shirt looks pretty good, so pleased I did it too :-)


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