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Slow as a snail!

I’ve just done my 2nd Parkrun, and so want to enjoy this and come away buzzing, but it’s not quite happening yet. My first one was 3 weeks ago, on that really windy tail-end-of-storm day. It was hard hard work, and I had to walk rather more of it than I would have liked. My time for that one came in at 40min. So today, not so windy, and I certainly ran (well, my shuffle/running) for rather more of the course, but this time my time was slower – 42mins. I know the time doesn’t really matter as such – the achievement is more than that, but in order to get that buzz which I want, I would like to think that I’m getting better. Maybe it just bears out my hunch that my running is so slow, it actually is slower than my walking! 😕

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Well done for completing your 2nd Parkrun, don't worry about your time, the main thing is that you did it and enjoyed it (sort of!).

I did a Parkrun PB back in June and haven't got near it since so I know how you're feeling. Perhaps next week will be our week!

Good luck and happy running!

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You can expect to be slow if you are running off the couch. You have to build fitness and strength over the coming weeks, months, years. It's worth it though. Parkrun is not about speed, nor is C25k. You see every kind of runner at Parkrun, it's for everyone as is C25k. They complement each other well so keep on doing them! Volunteer too!

We start at the beginning, there's no fast track, sadly. You'll be fine, just keep going and never quit!


I haven't had a parkrun PB for over two years.

Your performance will fluctuate. It doesn't mean you are getting worse.

Just enjoy the experience.


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