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Graduated - and feel great!

Well - finally got there. It took me 10 weeks because of a heavy cold in week 6, which I repeated before week 7, but it feels great to have completed it. I have realised much of the effort is in the mind, as many times I have got 5 mins in and decided I won't be able to do it, but by diverting my thoughts to something else for a while, I am suddenly 20 mins down!

Now the hard part - to keep it up regularly.

Good luck everyone!

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Well done, congratulations 😃👍🍾🥂

Keep going! Stepping Stones podcasts next up, free and fab! 🙂


Many congratulations.

It is said it takes twelve weeks of regular running to ingrain the habit, so keep going.

Distraction is the answer. In time you will almost forget you are running and it will become automatic.

Keep running, keep smiling.


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