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Not doing great since graduation!

So as the title says, I have been struggling with motivation since I graduated! Partly due to difficulty getting out due to busy life/half term so kids home etc but also feeling a bit lost since I no longer have my goal of getting to week nine. I am thinking of trying the c25k+ podcasts to see if I can get my mojo back - any tips on which to try first (given I have slipped a bit since week 9 and don't want to fail abysmally!)? Also any other tips for motivation appreciated! Struggling to get out mostly but also struggling to push myself, tend to just enjoy a 20-25 min run when I do go out rather than push to 30...

Thanks in advance!

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Half term is a killer for finding time to get out, isn't it? I had this vague idea it would be easier, especially as my wife had the week off work as well but the reverse was true. Found myself having to run late at night, which was less than ideal.

Have you considered signing up for a race to give yourself another target to work to?


The stepping stone podcast is the "easiest" - the beat you run to is slower than stamina (which is also longer) and speed has some fast intervals in there.

In some ways you're quite right not to overdo it on every run, and only run for 20-25 minutes if that's what suits you, but are you enjoying it? If you find yourself "in the zone" and the endorphins kick in, then you'll be wanting to get out there again. If that doesn't happen, then sometimes we need external targets to give ourselves something to aim for. I realise not everyone has the same geekish obsession with numbers, but setting yourself a target of running a certain distance or time or number of times every week and marking off every run done should help with the feeling of satisfaction.

I think a lot of us go through a post-graduation slump at some stage, so having something to aim at is a good idea - parkrun or other 5km run or aim to work up to 10km or something.


I found that to fit in a run I have to get up at 6 and run before my hubby and kids get up. If anyone would have told me this even 10 weeks ago I would have laughed in their face. I have only graduated last week but I am now focusing on trying to run the 5k which I haven't done yet. So I am slowly adding on a little time till I get there. I have also been trying to make up my own play list and that has been keeping me focused. Finding songs that are good and removing ones that are too slow or too fast. The music does help. Good luck!!


the zen cto10k is also quite good, I started that and picked it up at around week 9 or 10.


Main thing is you are still doing something. Would agree signing up for something to work towards would be good motivation. I'd start with a 5k or parkrun. Good luck.


Oh I feel exactly the same. I graduated about three weeks ago and felt totally lost. When I did go for run I would get to twenty mins and think that will do. Totally lost mojo. I've tried the speed podcast which was good but only 16mins. The stepping stones one I found really hard as the 150 and 155 beats per minute is slower than my natural footfall so had to lengthen stride and bounce more. God knows what I must have looked like to passers by!! Still feeling a bit lost so will read with anticipation other replies to your post. But thanks for posting, I no longer feel alone or such a failure! X


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