Side effects!

So September 9th I had a health check (because I reached one of those ages) and my cholestral was border line ok, my blood pressure was a little high and I was slightly over weight (or not tall enough)

Anyway I told dr that I wasn't prepared to as yet take medication and explained about my running and wanted to see what that would do, he agreed and I am going back in Jan for a further check.

Though my weight has continued to come down all be it slowly now and yesterday I checked my blood pressure and it has come down

Onwards and upwards, better go and get my running gear on!


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8 Replies

  • Better had, I am going tomorrow City Running... yay. Good luck and well done on the health improvements.

  • Go you!!! Well done!

    Slow and steady weight loss is the only way to keep it down :) BP down too... super!

  • Hello rolysmate

    I’m hoping for the same changes. I have my check in January so should have graduated by then. It will be interesting to compare with last year’s results but I’m optimistic.

    Its great that you’re taking the health and lifestyle route and that your GP is supporting you.

    Good luck

  • It is good to hear of a GP who listens and is willing to wait for potential changes.

    Many of the body adaptations that come about from regular running might take months to develop and you might have to be careful over Christmas, rolysmate, just to make sure you don't blow your progress.

    Whatever the outcome, the running is beneficial to your health in so many ways.

  • Well done Rolysmate- it is great that objective measures match how you are feeling and what you are doing. Nice GP too :)

  • Ooh it will all lower over time Roly, you'll see. You're wise to see how you get along with exercise first before commencing with meds. You're moving in the right direction. 😊

  • Better to manage these things with running and diet than with medication if you can help it. Good for you!

  • 3 years ago my Dr said lose weight, my blood pressure was too high and borderline diabetic . Could have gone on pills so I went away and lost weight and now I'm a runner it would be interesting to know what he would think now! You've got the right attitude and I'm sure you will run through your next check 👍

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